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International CAVA day

23 April 2021


Dedicate a day to the wonderful Spanish sparkling wine called CAVA and celebrate it, wherever you are! Share your activities, experiences, precious memories, and do not forget to use #cavaday!

Because this bubbly is refreshing, glorious, made in the most traditional way and as a consequence it is full of flavours!
Because the whole world is locked down, people are restricted to stay at home, thus it is high time to discover something new.
Because CAVA is mostly made of local grape varieties. Which means that these grapes have tradition in ``cava land``, deep roots not only literally, but culturally and viticulturally.
Because spring is the time to start enjoying the stunning sparkling wines, and cava won't disappoint you!
Because there is nothing to lose. Grab a bottle of CAVA at the nearest wine shop or order it online, chill it and enjoy it. The only danger is that you might fall in love with it...



Why on the 23rd April? It has historical reference of course, see below, but there are two other reasons: on one hand April is high time to start enjoying bubblies, sparkling season begins. On the other hand, on this day the birthplace of cava celebrates San Jordi (St George), the patron who killed a dragon. On this day gentlemen give a rose to ladies, while ladies give books to gentlemen. And of course they have one or more glasses of cava together.
Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it a lovely tradition to adapt? The Catalan version of Valentine’s day is beautiful and well worth following.
Of course, cava is made in other parts of Spain as well.
16th century

There are several evidences that winemaking existed at this time in Penedés wine region (and of course in many other parts of Spain, but in terms of cava, this Catalan wine region is of crucial importance).


Phylloxera, an insect brought from America reached the vineyards of France, destroying all of them. Why is it important regarding cava? Because producers from Champagne went to Penedés to buy base wine to subsitute their own production and to supply their market.


Clever wine professionals from Penedés realized that if their wine was good for the French, they might make sparkling wines themselves. So they did. It was Josep Raventós at Codorníu winery, who – after being educated in France – created the first traditional method sparkling wine in Penedés (and he was the first in Spain as well).


The Trade Regulations of Sparkling and Fizzy Wines were established, in which the term cava appears for the first time.

23 April 1969

``Az Order of the Ministry of Agriculture dated 23 April 1969 sets out the regulations for sparkling and fizzy wines, and Cava was acknowledged as the term for sparkling wines produced using the “classic system of fermentation in the bottle and ageing in the “cava”, and could therefore designate its products as Cava.”



Share your acitivities, discounts, special offers, whatever you invent to celebrate International Cava Day. We will continuously update our blog page with actual pieces of information. All activities will be tagged (country, city, name of distributor, name of retail, date or period of activity, type of activity, brand names) so that it will be easily searched for. Hopefully next year events will also be included.